Kilgore House

Kilgore House

Hidden away behind Rodger’s Library lies the historical Kilgore House which houses Alabama Heritage magazine.

Constructed in 1890, the Kilgore House was built by the trustees of Bryce Hospital as a residence at the edge of the hospital land for Assistant Steward Charles C. Kilgore.

The Kilgores began to offer room and board to male students at the University of Alabama in 1901. After their daughter Cora Kilgore graduated in 1904 and began graduate work at the University, they offered the rooms to female co-eds. From 1905 until 1907, co-eds lived in what was known as “Kilgore Ranch” and were supervised by the first female faculty member of the University of Alabama, Anna Hunter, who lived with them.

In 1908, when Cora Kilgore died, the Kilgores no longer opened their home to campus co-eds and the house was left as a residence for Bryce Hospital employees. When Bryce arranged an exchange of the property with UA in 1976, the University acquired the Kilgore House and in 1986 Alabama Heritage magazine was founded within the building.

Information collected from Alabama Heritage magazine.